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Cycling LED Reflective Backpack

Cycling LED Reflective Backpack

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15L LED Directional Backpack – Your Ultimate Cycling Safety Companion

Stay Visible, Stay Safe: Our built-in LED directional indicator enhances visibility, signaling your turns to prevent accidents.

Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision, it withstands cycling's rigors while offering style. Choose Black, Yellow, or Grey.

Designed for Comfort: Ergonomic design and breathable padding ensure comfort, even during intense rides.

Simplicity Meets Innovation: Operate the LED indicator intuitively, communicating moves effortlessly.


Material Type: Nylon & Polyester

Special Features: Cycling LED Reflective Backpack

Item Type: Backpacks

Name: 15L Remote Control LED Illuminated Backpack
Size (approx): length 400mm/15.75in, width 250mm/9.84in; height 150mm/5.90in
Weight: about 260g
Capacity: 15L
Material: polyester + waterproof nylon
Lamp beads: 30 LED lights (including charging indicator lights)
Light board: 85*70mm luminous display light board,
Battery: 500 mAh rechargeable lithium battery (built-in)

Packing List:
1x15L Remote Control LED Illuminated Backpack
1xRemote Control
1xUSB Charging Cable

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